Contributing Authors

A little bit about our collective. We are mothers (and grandmothers!). We are SAHMs, WAHMs, WOHMs, and everything in between. Our members write from North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We are moms to a fleet of young people from ages fetus to early 20s.  We represent a variety of religious, ethnic, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds. There is no particular parenting philosophy that we (as a group) ascribe to. Our limited unifying characteristics include motherhood and primary usage of the English language. Some of us don’t even like wine (gasp!). A few of us have chosen to go by pseudonyms for personal reasons.


Tink lives in the northeast with DSC02424her husband and two children.  She loves to read, scrapbook and craft with her kids. She enjoys organizing almost anything.  Tink hikes and swims with her family and also likes to garden.




Erin currently resides in the southwestern US but she is a Jersey girl at heart (i.e., she’ll flip you off if you come between her and a steaming slice of pizza). She shares her life with her husband and two daughters. She is a wildlife genetics researcher by day and knits prodigiously once the kids are in bed.




MrsSeaMonsterPicMrsSeaMonster is an American military wife who is currently wandering lost on the streets of South Korea with her three young kids trailing behind her. She enjoys babywearing, cooking, drinking wine, sewing, and spending too much time on social media.





Scout is a stay at home, homeschooling mom who resides in the midwest with her husband and three children. She enjoys the country life, living on the family farm and raising a few animals…oh, and some chickens, too. In her spare time she runs an active Girl Scout troop, enjoys crocheting and knitting, and utilizing multi-million dollar satellite systems and her GPS to find tupperware hidden in the woods (aka: geocaching).



Lulu lives in a chaotic, colorful bungalow in the desert southwest with her two rambunctious daughters, adventurous art teacher husband, and a couple of unnecessarily large dogs. She’s a graphic designer by day, and in her spare time enjoys food, drink, the company of good friends and family, travel, sewing, writing, and cleaning the house as little as she can get away with.



Sandpiper AvatarSandpiper is an aspiring minimalist who enjoys knitting, crocheting, gardening, and experimental plant-based cooking.  She is a licensed attorney who focuses on empowering people in their legal cases, but is currently taking a hiatus to stay at home with her youngest child.  She lives in the desert Southwest with her super handy husband Hawk, and their two little girls: Robin, a brilliant, creative, and highly sensitive five-year-old; and two-year-old Starling, who is becoming a wildly independent and active chatterbox.



Faith is a stay at home mom of two girls and one boy with a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a teaching certification. She spends her days buried in piles of laundry and cleaning while her kids make sure it’s a lost cause. She enjoys cooking, sewing and being generally crafty. She has also been known to DIY household projects in her husband’s workshop and is not afraid of power tools. She lives in the Texas desert with her extremely defiant 4 (should we say 5?) year old daughter, her sweet but independent 3 year old son and her adorable sleep hating 16 month old daughter.



Ange is a full time working Mum to one very handsome and kind-hearted little man, wife, and spends most of life drowning in housework. She works full time in child protection and family services in the Land Down Under.



Mara grew up State-side, but flew the coop to teach abroad 12 years ago. Since then, she met a guy to marry, who happens to be Australian, and then had a couple kids- and there is another one on the way! Still living in southeast Asia, raising these third culture kids, in her free time Mara enjoys knitting and crocheting, watching American sitcoms, reading, cooking, baking and, well, eating. Living abroad has its ups and downs, and the family may be moving back to the US sometime soon …



Betty lives in the midwest with her husband and two young daughters.  She works an office job full time outside the home while her husband is a stay-at-home dad by day and a Ph.D. student by night.  As both girls are preschool age, she is currently attempting to spend a portion of each evening after work doing simple homeschool activities with them. She enjoys baking, reading, crafts and surfing the internet.



Butterflykissesx6 is a mom of 6 ranging in age 25-5, 1 boy and 5 girls.  She is also a grandma to 2 girls, 5 and a newborn.  She has a degree in Secretarial Science and has a background in Education.  3 years ago she left her full-time job as an Office Manager to help run the family moving business with her husband.  Recently she lost over 100 lbs.  She enjoys spending her free time with her kids!



Justine is a mama to a trio of chubby cheeked boys ages 1-5. She resides in the south with her boys and husband and while she loves the friendly people and abundance of Mexican food there, she dreams to one day live in a place with four seasons and mountains.   She stays home full time with her kids although she holds various licenses in insurance. She is a very creative person who crafts, writes, and takes pictures. Her boys keep her active and busy and keep her refrigerator empty. Her and her husband love all things sports and trying new places when they get the rare date night out.



IMG_2520Ruby is mom to two young girls. She has recently returned to the midwest after several years of moving around with her military husband. Her mom life has been a mix of stay at home and working mom with some single parenting through deployments thrown in to keep things crazy but she loves her girls and her career. She enjoys babywearing, cooking, reading, and spending time with friends even if she has to hold a baby and talk over screaming kids.



Jani is a mom to a 5 year old boy and 2 year old girl. She lives in Canada and is a working mom who also does photography on the side. She enjoys traveling, playing the violin, and has a knack for remembering useless facts.


Annica Lynn 

Annica Lynn was born and raised in the South, and doesn’t plan on ever leaving. She is mother to a 7-year old girl and 5-year old boy. She was a divorced, single, full-time working mom, then she met the most wonderful man. They have been married for 2 years now, adding a 13-year old stepson and 11-year old stepdaughter to her family. She currently works part-time in the banking industry which allows her the perfect amount of time with the children without losing her sanity. When she’s not working, she is most likely chauffeuring kids around to various after-school activities. In her free time she is a geek at heart – she reads anything and everything, loves video games, and is slightly addicted to World of Warcraft.