About Us

Are you an expecting parent? New parent? Veteran parent? Regardless of your level of parenting expertise we ALL have days when we wish we could get honest, entertaining, and judgement-free advice. A few years ago, we were a group of expecting moms (veterans and first timers) who had found themselves on a pregnancy forum together. Something about the connections we made with one another made us each feel like we were better equipped to survive this parenting gig. Over the years, we have shared our experiences, given each other advice, laughed together, cried together, mourned and rejoiced together. We cherish our connections and wish that all parents, nay, all people should have a judgement-free zone like ours. This parenting thing is HARD most days and the Mommy Wars only make it harder.

Parenting Without a License is meant to demonstrate how people from diverse backgrounds can come together and discuss any issue without resorting to hurtful comments. We hope you find our blog full of useful tidbits or, at the very least, that it gives you a chuckle as you are hiding from your children in your closet sipping wine and devouring their Halloween Candy. We won’t judge you.